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Another alternative solution is to "fix" all the keys at once.To do this, follow the same process as above except you should change the permissions on only one key, the one named "Components", which is accessed in the registry via this path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Installer\User Data\S-1-5-18\Components.Or, you can ZIP up the "windows\system32\config" directory while running in a backup operating system (this is where the registry hive files are located).You must be logged in as the 'administrator' (or an account with full administrator access) as well as disabling "UAC" (User Access Control).The error indicates that you do not have sufficient permissions to update the system registry.Even if you are logged in as a system administrator, you may encounter this error if the system has been upgraded from a previous version of Windows.This is not related to Okino software, but rather to components which are usually provided by Microsoft Corp.The following tutorial will outline our own personal experiences at Okino Computer Graphics of dealing with this problem.

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Our screen snapshot below uses the "000085D..." registry key for illustrative purposes only.The 'S-1-5-18' key may be different on your computer.By fixing this one key, the new permissions will be propagated to all children keys throughout this portion of the registry.For Okino, it occurred on multiple occasions after upgrading some of our machines from Windows 2K3 to 2K8 server or from XP to Windows 7, and then upgrading/re-installing Microsoft products or components (Visual Studio and MSXML4 in our case).It is generally a simple matter to fix, once you know how.

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