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However, it reports child prostitutes being picked up by police at only 11 or 12-years and even 9-years of age.

It stresses that child prostitutes come from throughout the country, inner-cities, suburbs and small-towns, and from all walks-of-life.

But just weeks after the trial she took an overdose of drugs she was taking for depression and died at the age of 18.

More than 300,000 children are being sexually exploited in the In the basement of an ordinary-looking Williamsburg home, the 13-year-old girl was given a choice.

One out of every three teens on the street will be lured into prostitution within 48 hours of leaving home. But other than that, you dont get anything," King said."I prostituted since I was 10-years-old," said Monica.

"The first time I ran away from home, it was with this guy. And I decided I wanted to leave because I lost my virginity the day before that, so I thought, OK, let me just run the streets.

It points-out that the vast majority of youth involved in prostitution are girls, although some service providers see an increase in the number of boys.

It notes that the average age most girls get involved in prostitution is at 14-years and the median age of involvement is 15.5-years.

But according to statistics and law enforcement theyre either fooling themselves, misinformed, or both.And having sex was fun, so I just thought it would be fun, but it was not." was 14 and selling sex on the streets when an opportunity arose to escape her pimp: an undercover policeman picked her up.The cop could have rescued her from the pimp, who ran a string of 13 girls and took every cent they earned.A study by Jessica Edwards, of the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation, found that an estimated 650,000 American teenagers exchange sex for favors.More surprising, more boys were likely to sell themselves than girls.

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