Valenti dating service reviews

The worst was having to advance schedule "consultations" (5-minutes with the psychologist) 2 weeks out to be told absolutely nothing concrete about the person except he's "great." They won't tell you age, kids, previous marriages. i only wish that this information was available before Irene Valenti personally met with me and took my money.I promise you'll have a more personalized and pleasant experience on I would have definately picked better restaurants and times. i also wish that i had seen that her fees were only 5, 000-50, 000.During that time, while on vacation to New York, she was also introduced to a New Jersey man, “who was completely tied to his six children and ailing parents and unable to travel to the United Kingdom,” the lawsuit said. But the defendants told her they had found a London man who “would be a real fit” and offered to arrange her to meet him for dinner.Davis said both she and the man didn’t understand why they were introduced, because neither met the other’s criteria. Davis said it appeared that “gentleman” didn’t exist because a meeting was never arranged.Their Cocierge Experience is nothing but an expensive version of "It is Just Lunch" since they only set up the date/location/time for dinner and you are responsible for the traveling arrangements and for hoping your date doesn't have any travel delays or you will be stuck with big and expensive dissapointments since more than likely you also traveled as well.My advice, do your homework, and research their competitors who more than likely will give you better service and far more introductions.Also, the feedback you receive about you is 2 to 3 lines long and nothing concrete.

THERE ARE NO LEGIT MEN OR WOMEN IT IS AN ENTIRE SCAM - THEY CHARGE DIFFERENT RATES FOR ANYONE AND THEY DO NOT HAVE ON STAFF PSYCHOLOGIST IT IS JUST PART OF THE GAME.I tried to do research before I signed up with Valenti, but none of these kinds of posts were out at the time.Mine was a horrible experience, from the few very unsuitable "matches" that did happen who all complained about their bad experiences and inability to get a refund ...PLEASE DON'T MAKE THE MISTAKE OF GIVING THEM ANY MONEY... THANKSValenti is NOTHING BUT A FRAUDULENT SCAM I have heard from a number of ladies, no men, so does this not tell you something about this SCAM artist, who have been taken by this FRAUDULENT company that there were NO men to begin why don't we all get together and do a class action... I paid an embarrassing sum of money for a three year contract and ended up with 5 extremely weak introductions.

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