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On this 10-year anniversary, they are even bringing out “Hokies United! The tragedy on campus demonstrated how devastating trauma can be on police officers.

Many officers from various departments who served as first responders that day were carrying crippling effects — violent images that could not be forgotten, smells and sounds that kept waking them up at night, anger and depression that carried over to personal life.

The hope that continues to emerge from the day remains our focus.

When President Bush and Governor Kaine were in Cassell Coliseum, I continued at the inn with a final death notification — approximately 28 hours after the shootings. There were candle-lighting events, counseling sessions for students, debriefings for police, and pastoral care for members of my church. It felt as if a pall had been cast across the community.

Tragedy had come close to everyone in town, even as we echoed the chant: “We are VT.

Several of these families have created powerful initiatives that benefit others in memory of their deceased loved ones.

Several families have been leading advocates and spokespersons against gun violence in our commonwealth.

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