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She also attended the American Conservatory Theater located in San Francisco and graduated from there.At the beginning of her career, Darby started in the theater. She’s hopeful that it won’t spell the end of Dabby (as Kerry Washington has christened the on-again-off-again couple), not now that she’s sporting bigger hair and sexy clothes. Abby’s ex-husband was at the White House Correspondents dinner — twist! But then, for obvious reasons, she’s terrified to see her ex-husband again and doesn’t make it. In a recent interview with Vulture, Stanchfield talked about the consequences of playing the most outspoken member of Olivia’s team, and how Abby gets involved with Lisa Kudrow’s Josie Marcus. They’re trying to do normal, and she’s even pulling this romantic move, trying to surprise him by dressing up. I think you’re doing a great job.” Olivia might go work for Josie Marcus, who potentially could be running against Fitz. You heard in the pilot that Abby hates Republicans, right? Josie is a Democrat, she’s a woman, she’s running for president. There is no one Abby would love to see more in office. It’s going to be fun for Abby to try and help get her elected. When you were last on , playing the mom of Glen Bishop, he was still so young and creepy. She is mostly known for portraying the role of Abby Whelan in ABC political drama series Scandal.She went to study at the University of Puget Sound and for graduated from there in 1993 with a degree in the communications as well as a minor in theater.showrunner Shonda Rhimes used last night’s episode of the hit political drama to take a stand on how the media scrutinizes women in Washington, just as Hillary Clinton prepares to announce her long-anticipated bid for the presidency in 2016. But they also write about If I wear lipstick, I’m dolled up. They can’t fathom the concept that my life doesn’t revolve around you. Rhimes’ shows might be best known for their crazy plot twists, but another hallmark of her work is the powerful soliloquy, delivered quickly and emphatically.

I keep waiting for Abby to be judgmental and call her a whore. She said Abby would begin to deal with "the betrayal." I never knew what that meant — I still don’t totally know what that means! I love it because people still approach me like I’m really his mom. ), offering access to a 0 million fund to advance her position.Of course, things took a pretty dark turn when the Shadowy Organization™ started making demands of Abby, including swapping out the bullets from Frankie Vargas’ corpse with three fakes provided by Meg. ) We also know now why Abby was so determined to keep Fitz and David from sending Cyrus to the electric chair — and why she remains determined to free him from captivity. The producers and writers have been great about giving us the tools we need, and I personally love the way they’re playing with time.On last night’s episode of , White House Press Secretary Abby Whelan (Darby Stanchfield) contemplated resigning from her post when another woman, played by Lena Dunham, threatened to write a tell-all about the sex lives of several men in D. C., including Abby’s boyfriend, political consultant Leo Bergen (Paul Adelstein).

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